We Popularizes International Education with Science and Technology to Expand Horizons for our Children Worldwide

We'll grow up with you in the world.

UKidSchool International Educational View

UKidSchool is an international school in the UK that offers international holistic education for 4-15 years old children. Based on the British education, in order to popularize quality international education, we take the British education as our model and fully combine the native learning characteristics of children in non-native English-speaking countries. Thousands of cases of education of international students studying in other countries and obtaining employment in the workplace investigated repeatedly by British primary and secondary education experts and curriculum research team. We learned more about the difficulties they face in studying overseas and finding employment in the international workplace, and analyze the reasons of the problems, so as to design appropriate international courses.


We'll grow up with you in the world.

Scenarios of learning in UKidSchool