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new direction;new educational idea
Holistic Education

Holistic education is an educational thought which aims at arousing people's inner appreciation of life and love for learning.

It is focused on the experiential learning methods of "relationships and values shaping in a learning environment."

It encourages students to find their self-approval and understand the meaning and value of life in the future.

It is considered to be the basic three R-s in the holistic education:

Kids need to know themselves better
as well as develop a proper self-esteem.
The students needs to
about the meaning of
relationships between them
and others,regarding to the social
and emotional“culture”
Reverence for life
Children need to understand the meaning of
humanity, learn to overcome difficulties,
face challenges and keep focused
on long-term goals.In addition,
they need to learn aesthetics so
that they could see the beauty around
and admire life.
new direction;new educational idea
Three core philosophy of curriculum

In order to carry out the thought of holistic education, Ukidschool adopts the three core philosophical approaches to the curriculum: SMSC,PHSE,STEM, construct the curriculum system with the grand thinking, and work intensively on each dimension . Thus, we constantly elevate students' learning from the level of knowledge, vision and ability to the level of emotion, mentality, spiritual growth and educational values.

PSHE is the abbreviation of psychological, social, health and economic education. It is not only an educational idea, but also a set of curriculum for the growth of minors. PSHE is a kind of educational idea advocated by the British basic education system, and has been highly praised and recognized internationally. PSHE is a kind of comprehensive education which includes four aspects: psychological, social, health and economic education. The main idea is to let children learn the knowledge and skills to solve real-life problems. SMSC is spiritual, moral, social and cultural. It is a set of moral, responsibility and spiritual growth courses to prepare for life and work.It has always been part of the British national curriculum. In 2014, the new National Curriculum Framework stipulated that every school must provide a curriculum that promotes SMSC education. STEM represents science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.Many problems in life need to be solved together by applying knowledge from multiple disciplines.Science lies in understanding the world and explaining the objective laws of nature.Technology and engineering are to transform the world on the basis of respecting the laws of nature, realize the control and utilization of nature, and solve the problems encountered in the process of social development.Mathematics is a basic tool in the discipline of technology and engineering.