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Technology age: improve the interaction in the online classroom greatly

UKidSchool live broadcast platform

Owning the leading streaming media technology in this field, the UKidSchool foreign teacher online live broadcast platform creates the space and time links between China and Britain, providing stable, smooth and high quality real-time voice and video teaching services to all users of the platform.

Through the live broadcast platform of UKidSchool foreign teacher line, the British teachers transmit the content of teaching PPT and lectures in real time through the way of live broadcast, and according to the different learning needs, open the two-way audio and video real-time interactive exchange. Students can learn online via a desktop computer, a laptop, platform computer, smartphone and other terminal devices anytime and anywhere, break the limitation of time and space, and achieve the purpose of learning through online live broadcast platform.

The UKidSchool online platform aims at the product characteristics of online children's education industry, besides providing students with the basic international courses broadcasted live, customized supplementary courses system, and replaying the review courses anytime, anywhere, on demand. It also includes a large number of high-quality learning resources, a learning partner class system, a multi-dimensional incentive system of instant interest, continuous and detailed study data recording, and so on, so that students can experience the perfect pure English immersion scene online. Stimulating and developing students' interest in learning to the greatest extent, not only transfer knowledge, ability and methods, but also, more importantly, the process of high-quality international education. In the course, it infiltrates the whole person's accomplishment, attitude, emotion and value, and trains international talents with solid language foundation, critical and innovative thinking.

Tactile interaction makes the course more interesting

Three features of the UKidSchool online Live broadcasting platform

Live question &answer
Team competition
Enjoy learning anytime and anywhere
Download UKidSchool
Download UKidSchool
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